What About White Foam for NPWT?

Posted by Administrator on Jul 13th 2016

Sometimes we encounter confusion about white foam. What I am referring to specifically is hydrophilic foam. It seems that all hydrophilic foam is white, but not all white foam is hydrophilic. The w … read more

What Happened to Accuro Medical?

Posted by Administrator on May 12th 2016

We are occasionally asked about Accuro Medical. They ran into some problems with their negative pressure wound therapy vacuum pump. In the process of decontaminating the unit after use, typically the … read more

Using One NPWT Wound Vac for Multiple Wounds

Posted by Administrator on May 4th 2016

If you are dealing with multiple wounds, you can use a "Y" adaptor to connect two wounds to one NPWT wound vacuum pump. All you need is a small bore plastic "Y". Connect the two connection tubes from … read more

Foam Bridge Kits for NPWT

Posted by Administrator on May 4th 2016

At times it would be detrimental to apply the suction dome from a negative pressure wound therapy foam dressing kit directly over the foam. In these instances, the caregiver desires to relocate the su … read more