Pensar WoundPro Wound Vacuum Pump, Rental

Currently Available, but you must call the office to make arrangements

This innovative and state of the art pump offers three modes of therapy: continuous, intermittent, and variable intermittent. It boasts an instrument panel which users find easy to understand and easy to implement pump set up. The control panel also employs auto-lockout to prevent inadvertent changes in therapy settings. A feature users appreciate is the night light which provides a soft light so the caregiver can check on the level of exudate in the canister without disturbing the patient's sleep. This unit has automatic and continuous checking for the following conditions: full canister, suction line blocked, vacuum leak, standby mode, and low battery level. If any of these conditions are detected, the caregiver is notified by an alarm and panel indicator. Either a 300 cc or an 800 cc canister can be used dependent upon the volume of exudate, and the desire for portability. This pump is a powerful 8 LPM pump, yet of small proportions and of light weight to allow portability with its shoulder strap carrying case. This NPWT pump has a backup battery which is capable of fully powering the pump for 24 hours before needing to be recharged. It comes with a clasp type clamp which can be attached to the pump allowing the pump to be mounted to an IV stand, or to the bed footboard. A feature which sets this pumps apart from most competitors is the two lumen suction tube which moves the suction monitoring point from the pump to a point proximal to the patient. This has the advantage of maintaining the correct suction level at the wound site regardless of whether there is a height difference between the wound site and the pump.